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GnomeWorks1467: Imitation is the best form of flattery.

SmackTacular PWN: Yes.

SmackTacular PWN: Plagiarism isn't, though.

GnomeWorks1467: Free use, or whatever.

SmackTacular PWN: Tolkein = Flattered.

GnomeWorks1467: A wee bit too much, too.

GnomeWorks1467: Hence: Trinity. Where I flatter *everybody*!

This is here because I'm putting up the logo for the metaplot. It is followed by the old intro text from the main page.

The Trinity Logo

The entirety of this particular setting is currently under construction. As such, expect updates and possible format changes on a semi-regular basis.

This campaign setting is the creation of Korey MacVittie, though I have borrowed extensively from many settings and books. As such, any material that I am allowed to freely use, I will; otherwise, the reader will be referenced to the appropriate source.

In some cases, material will seem scarce. This is due to one of a few things:

  1. I am specifically withholding information, since this page is coming to be visible to my players, and I don't want to ruin certain things for them; or,
  2. The material is copywritten, and as such cannot be reproduced here; or,
  3. The material does not yet exist.

I would also appreciate it if others did not edit the materials here. I have put many, many years into this setting, and while I am still developing it, it is mine.

If you have questions regarding the setting, or - while the site is under construction - would like to see information on a particular topic, please use the discussion page for this page. That way I can find your questions easier. If material is specifically asked for, I will prioritize getting that material up; otherwise, I'll put things up as I feel like it or get it done.

Notice: The 4th edition of D&D has been announced, and WotC is planning on beginning releasing it as of May 2008. Trinity will continue to be a 3.5 setting until I can get my bearings on 4th, and precisely how much work I will need to do to make Trinity work in 4th (if I decide that conversion is even worthwhile and/or possible).